My name is Valentina Colman and I created Earth to provide You with a one-stop shop for all your Nutrition needs!

Back when I owned the restaurant by the same name in South Miami, I started offering "meal plans", or personalized curated weekly menus according to my clients' dietary requests. This became an integral part of my business, so it was only natural to grow from there.


We now offer healthy ready-to-eat meals at an affordable price delivered to most of Miami-Dade, FL. Our meals are balanced, include nutritional values, and are labeled by dietary needs (ex: Gluten free / Vegan etc). You can purchase them individually or through a subscription. Unlike your average meal prep company, our portions are generous and will not leave you feeling hungry!


But I didn't want to just offer food. I also want to teach people about nutrition and explain why it is so important to care about what we put in our bodies. Thanks to my background and experience in nutrition, I also provide nutrition coaching and education to help clients navigate the sea of modern dietary restrictions and processed foods standing in the way of achieving true and sustainable health goals.

If you are ready to transform your relationship with food and learn what works for YOU, not what popular diets are telling you, then you are in the right place!

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Valentina Colman

Founder & CEO

Earth ~ Meal Plans & Catering

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