It all started at on Sunset Drive in South Miami, when a very young girl decided to pursue her dream of opening up a healthy restaurant at only 24 years old! Fast forward 5 years, a lot of lessons learned, and surviving a pandemic: I have made the decision to sell the physical restaurant and continue serving my community in the way I know best: fresh, healthy, and tasty food for any diet, any Body, any mood!

The restaurant business was too demanding so I only naturally shifted to focus solely on our meal plan business, that has been operating for 3 years through the restaurant. 

With the restaurant gone, we had to make some adjustments to our menus, our operations, and our kitchen, but I hope that you will love it all the same!

After all, I am still making this with 100% love, my nutritional knowledge, and a touch of Italian culture :)

I hope you enjoy!

Valentina Colman

Founder & CEO

Earth ~ Meal Plans & Catering