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May 23, 2016


The idea of creating Earth came from the priority of eating well. The motto "We are what we eat" is what defines our diet and what will, eventually, define our health. Growing up in an Italian family that loves simple food and cooking, it was obvious that I would grow up to be health conscious. McDonalds, candy, fried foods, and processed, industrial snacks were never an option in my house (except for the occasional Nutella jar!) Don't get me wrong, I wasn't sad that I wasn't allowed to eat those things. In fact, I didn't even think about it. A funny anecdote that my close friends know is that I hadn't eaten a burger ever in my life before moving to Miami in 2013. But alas, I had to try one in the U.S. and it's actually not that bad if you use the right ingredients. 


So, Earth was born to be a healthy alternative to restaurants and fast foods, especially after noticing the lack of healthy establishments in the area that offered delivery and stayed open late. We kept in mind the large residential and student communities of South Miami, and their needs. Maybe you don't have time to cook at night and have a family of 4-5 to feed? Earth can provide you a ready-to-eat, customizable meal for your whole family. Or maybe you're a student, you don't know how to cook but are sick of having pizza, burgers, and rice&beans? You can pick up or have your meal delivered to your door within minutes.

By offering the opportunity of creating a custom meal, we want to encourage and allow our customers to eat what they want, when they want it, while still keeping it fresh and healthy. Having a varied diet is essential, which is why we do not impose standardized meals and menus, but rather let you choose what your body needs. 

Every Body is Different.


Through this blog, we want to educate people about nutrition and clean eating. Our goal is to help improve the community's health by providing weekly information about our ingredients, their benefits, nutrients, and other essential health and nutrition articles. You will also find easy homemade recipes that you can make yourself at home. 


We hope you will enjoy our concept, our blog, and above all, our food.




Valentina Colman

CEO & General Manager of Earth

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