Having Trouble getting your Kids to eat Veggies?

June 6, 2016

 A lot of families who care about their kids' health and want to educate their kids about healthy eating are often faced with this problem. 

Trying to shape your kid's eating habits is not an easy task, and unfortunately too many parents cave in and let their children choose their own diets, even at 6 years old. Most of the time, this ends up with them only agreeing to eat pasta, pizza, burgers, fries, ice cream, and candy. 

Although it might seem easier to let them eat whatever they want to avoid hours of crying and screaming, you need to think about all the essential nutrients your child is missing, which are crucial to his/her healthy growth and development.

We stumbled on a post featured on Instagram's official account and found a genius idea: Make Food Fun. The post featured was originally from @beyondsweetandsavory, a recipe blog. Vy Tran, the author, is a food photographer and created this project for her own toddler. She made his fruit plate look like the ocean, his favorite place, and therefore transformed the meal in a fun game. A simply boiled zucchini does not look very appealing to a kid (sometimes not even to adults!). But if you slice it up and transform it into the top of a palm tree with some bamboo shoots as the trunk, I'm sure your child will finish it within minutes.

In Vy Tran's case, the palm tree was made of avocado and bananas, with a few hazelnuts in place of coconuts.

Try it at home and tell us how it goes!


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