What is Kombucha?

January 21, 2017

Kombucha is a live cultured drink that is adaptogenic, meaning that it helps the body adapt to stress and normalizes bodily processes. It originates from China, a culture known for its holistic approach to medicine and curing illnesses through food and herbs, and is also known as the "Immortal Health Elixir". Kombucha is made from fermented black tea and cane sugar, and possesses lots of live cultures, such as probiotics and prebiotics, that enable the good bacteria in the intestines and stomach to flourish and ensure a healthy digestive system. Improved digestion is probably the most widely known benefit of Kombucha, but it has many others. Obviously, a consequence of improved digestion is detoxification. When our body is able to digest food better, and retain the essential nutrients from the food passing through, all our organs are also able to function better, and therefore able to expel any toxins. 


Another great benefit of Kombucha is its antioxidant properties, thanks to vitamin C and another less popular but very powerful antioxidant, DSL, which stands for D-saccharic acid-1, 4-lactone. These two are believed to boost our immune system and protect our cells, by offsetting the chances of inflammation, cancer, and overall slowing down cell damage. 

And last but not least, the glucosamines found in Kombucha aid treating arthritis and joint pain by making the body produce more hyaluronic acid. You might have heard about hyaluronic acid in plastic surgery, as injections to reduce visible wrinkles on the skin. Our bodies produce this acid naturally to moisturize and lubricate our cartilage and joints, and maintain flexibility, which eventually relieves our body from aching. 


We have the pleasure of offering Kombucha at Earth thanks to the craft of Counter Culture, a local company from South Miami. Their Kombucha is made with only local and organic ingredients, and tastes divine. We are now carrying flavored Kombucha with Ginger & Turmeric and Strawberry & Holy Basil. We suggest you give it a try, in-store or order it online!


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