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  1. Select the meal plan package that suits your needs & Subscribe

  2. Select your meals for the week from our weekly offering

  3. Enter your Coupon Code & Checkout

  4. Get your meals delivered at your doorstep!

Your food is made fresh every time, and each recipe is thought through with nutritional needs in mind. You can customize each meal depending on your dietary needs: gluten free, vegan/vegetarian, low carb, dairy-free etc.

We try to avoid most major allergens, although they might be present in some of our meals. We invite you to closely read the description for a list of ingredients. 

Once you sign up for a package, you will receive your Personalized Coupon Code by email, to be applied at checkout every week when you select your meals. The coupon will cover the amount of meals included in your plan. You may also select more meals than your plan allows, and once you enter your Coupon Code, you will only be charged for the extra meals you selected. 

We deliver on Sundays & Tuesdays to select zip codes in Miami-Dade County. Delivery time depends on your location, you will be given an estimate by text. Please provide us with your delivery instructions, if any. 

You can select your meals for the following week between Wednesday 8am and Friday 6pm. The deadline to cancel or pause your plan is also Friday 6pm. After that, we will not be able to refund you. 

We have over 50+ different meals available on a rotating basis. Each week, we offer a variety of meals to choose from for your weekly selection. Check out some of our sample menus to learn more!


How much money 

are you spending on food?

Does this picture on the left look familiar?

How many times per week do you order food? I bet it's 4 to 5. This is about how much you spend every day to order food for pick up/delivery (and it doesn't even include the tip!)

That's $99.15 PER WEEK for 5 meals!

And let's face it, most of the time, it's unhealthy, unsatisfying food. 

Not to mention that you have to decide where to order from, decide what to order, possibly pay every day on a different platform, go pick up the food or go meet the delivery driver. Such a hassle!

And what about the times you get your order wrong? Ugh!

Now look at this very different receipt.

That's $58.84 PER WEEK FOR 5 MEALS!

AND they are healthy, home cooked, tasty meals delivered straight to your door on Sundays & Tuesdays. No extra fees for "service" or "delivery".

NO deciding where to order from,

NO endless scrolling,

NO pick ups/phone calls,

NO need to leave the office, and

NO disappointment.

Just One easy platform to select your meals Once a week.

And 2 effortless automatic deliveries.